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Schick Shadel of Florida Advantages

  • 63+ percent success rate that exceeds all other alcoholism treatment programs.*
  • Quick 10-day inpatient program. Compatible with work and family.
  • More than 79 years of success for this treatment method.
  • Not a 12-step program.
  • Medically-supervised counter-conditioning program.
  • Counseling and group therapy.
  • Homelike environment. Patients are allowed visitors, WiFi, phones and TV.

*Based on results of a verified, independent survey of former patients (success being measured as total abstinence for one year and assessed by self-evaluation), as against published success rates from verified, comparable studies of other medical institutions.

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Why Schick Shadel?

The Schick Shadel program for alcohol addiction treatment
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About Alcohol Addiction

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About the Program

The Schick Shadel Alcohol Addiction treatment program
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Support Groups

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